About Shopunch

One-stop Online Solution 

All Your eCommerce Needs


With Shopunch, you can track and react to the transactions, and accept payments through credit cards and more with a simple click.


Shopunch aims at web-developing amateur to create a professional e-commerce platform with easy setup. Our customers will focus on their strengths, and Shopunch will take care of the rest


Shopunch will host your website. Do not worry of those complicated system installation or bugfix. We stand on your side.

We are expanding in a creative manner

Initially, we started with a team of curious learners who were striving hard to help our clients to start their own business venture. However, soon we realized the need of a fully-fledged application that can enable people to create their virtual store. And this how the idea of ViiBiz started to develop.

Over the past few years, we have expanded our organization in several manners and have created more creative and productive opportunities for all. However, this is not it! We believe in progressive learning and there is a lot more in our way to conquer.

We understand the power of technology

Being one of the leading name in the tech-world, we understand the power and significance of technology. Hence, we integrate the best equipment and software to assist you launch and promote your products and services in most sophisticated and competitive manner.

Let’s join hands together and creative an e-commerce world of its own kind!

About Vizz Group

ViiBiz is an commerce platform created by Vizz Group. Vizz Group has been the industry leader for more than a decade, offering versatile services in web design, eshop, content creation, search engine marketing (SEM) and social marketing to small to medium companies, startups or manufacturers in Asia.

To catch up with the ever changing tech and business world, we offer some innovative, one stop and elegant solutions. Our team is equipped with all essential technique, and innovating e-commerce solutions for business of all sizes, now and then. As your business partner with top-class technology, we are committed to helping you build, optimize and expand your online retail business

Other than ViiBiz, our O2O strategies include:

● One Single stop to TMP (Top Market Places)

● Digital Marketing

● Cloud based EMS (Ecommerce Management Services)

● Launch and Logistic Services

● Social Commerce Magazhop

● Your brand your eShop